Note:  Please do not disclose any private or personally identifiable information about yourself or others as part of this activity.

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2 MB file size maximum. Allowed file types png, jpg.
Take a portrait of the smart device, as the device should be remembered. Then, replace the image placeholder to the left with your device’s portrait.
Enter the name of the smart device
Replace Birth Date with the date you started using the device
Replace Death Date with the hypothesized date (Month, Day, and Year) that you imagine will mark the end of the device’s life.

Use this space beneath the dates of birth and death to write an obituary to the smart object. Aim to spend at least 10 minutes writing the obituary content. You may choose whatever tone you believe is appropriate for the style of the obituary.

Obituaries typically follow a common structure, outlined below. Please aim to include similar information in the obituary you write for the smart device:

  • In 1-2 sentences: their name, where they died, and their age
  • What was the cause of death
  • What they were known for
  • Quotes and tributes from friends, family, or admirers
  • Details about their life, starting from birth, and including highlights of major milestones
  • Information about who they are survived by
  • Details about memorial or funeral services, and where to direct condolences or donations